July 26, 2021
Photograph by Tracey Moberly

Never Lock Your Door is a play by Tenzing Scott Brown.
Never Lock Your Door is a play with no beginning or end.
Never Lock Your Door is set under Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham.
Never Lock Your Door has many principal characters.

The many principal characters include:

Two Walls facing each other, both of which are unaware of their mortality.

An arm of The Grand Union Canal, that divides the Two Walls, but keeps his counsel about mortality.

A Sleeping Bag, which has been discarded by a rough sleeper and talks about his great uncle who was a sleeping bag in the Eighth Army during the Second World War. The rough sleeper, who is not a character in this play but does still sometimes sleep under Spaghetti Junction.

Two Polish Builders who like to fish in the Grand Union Canal under Spaghetti Junction while drinking cheap Polish lager and cheaper energy drinks while discussing international politics and the urge to go back home to Poland.

Two Small Roach, who discuss the purpose of Art in The Grand Union Canal, now that The Grand Union Canal no longer serves a purpose. They also discuss whether Eels ever existed. They also fear a Pike that has been rumoured to be lurking.

The Lone Heron, who in fact does for the Two Small Roach, but they are totally unaware of The Lone Heron’s presence and how their existence on earth is to be a tasty snack in the late afternoon of Life on Earth.

The Lone Heron

A Single Mother who also happens to be a Mallard Duck with her five baby ducklings. Their father had done a runner before the play began.

The Invasive Species known to some as Giant Hogweed, which of course is merely a stand-in for the whole of the human population of the world, who are totally unaware of their own mortality and their status amongst all other life forms on earth as the ultimate Invasive Species.

A host of Golden Ragworts all too aware of their mortality, still waiting for their Week of Fame.

Golden Ragworts

Life on Earth is the unseen but ever-present character actor.

But the most principal of all of the principal characters is a discarded baby doll. Baby Doll had once belonged to a loving toddler by the name of Claudia. Baby Doll has a fantasy that she is in reality a real dead baby. A baby that died after she had been discarded by a teenage mother, who had kept her pregnancy a secret from her family. The father of the dead baby was also a member of the teenage mother’s family.

Baby Doll

Baby Doll had been discovered lying in the undergrowth by a Bill Drummond as he was trying to get to one of the Two Walls so that he could paint the words of the 2021 title of his Twelve Step Programme. As in the Twelve Step Programme that he is doing over twelve years as The 25 Paintings world tour unfolds.

The title of the 2021 step is also Never Lock Your Door, as in the title of this play that has no beginning, no middle, no end.