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Tenzing Scott Brown is a spoken novel by William E. Drummond.
Tenzing Scott Brown is the unseen but eponymous protagonist in this novel.
Tenzing Scott Brown is a character in The Penkiln Burn Universe.
The Penkiln Burn Universe exists inside Bill Drummond’s head.
Tenzing Scott Brown considers himself to be a playwright...
Tenzing Scott Brown, the novel, is The Incomplete Collected Works of Tenzing Scott Brown...
The Incomplete Collected Works of Tenzing Scott Brown consists of scores of Tenzing Scott Brown’s plays. Dozens of them lasting little more than ten seconds, others taking years to be performed. Many to only ever exist in the imagination of those that are not even aware they are in a play.

Tenzing Scott Brown is one of a triptych of novels by William E. Drummond.
The other two novels are titled The Life Model and The Elderly Gentleman
The three novels are collectively titled THE LIFE TRIPYCH*.
All three novels in THE LIFE TRIPTYCH were never published as hardbacks books on the same day in 2023 - in editions of 400.

*In the December of 2023, THE LIFE TRIPTYCH changed its name by deed pole to Or...

Tenzing Scott Brown the novel contains the words...

In the Spring of 1964, when I was still only ten years old, my family and I were living in a little town in rural Scotland. My interests were much the same as those of most boys my age living where we lived: climbing trees, going fishing, hitchhiking to nearby towns, making catapults and killing things. I also collected stamps and birds’ eggs. I was not yet interested in girls. And music had yet to pollute my life. This sermon concerns the collecting of birds’ eggs. I am not sure whether there is any bird-egg collecting going on in The Bible. One never learns what hobbies Jesus had as a ten-year-old boy.

And the words...

My name is Worm. To be more precise it is ‘A Worm.’ The A stands for ‘Any.' One of the main things that humans don’t know about me and all the other several trillion worms alive on Earth today, is that we have seven lives. Humans are so caught up in their reality, they would never notice that us worms have seven lives. Even though one of those lives is lived within the psyche of a human. It was back in my fourth life that I began to see just how much humans were missing about the bigger picture.

Between the Autumn of 1964 and the Spring of 1969, Bill Drummond did not go to the picture house to watch films. The reason for this were...

All films made between the Autumn of 1964 and the Spring of 1969 were boring.


At 8 o’clock on Wednesday evenings Bill Drummond would watch The Wednesday Play on the BBC One. Bill Drummond would never know what the play was or was going to be about until he watched it. And every week he would look forward to watching whatever The Wednesday Play was going to be. Some were as dull as a maths lesson; others changed the course of his life.

After the first Blackthorn Blossom bursts into bloom in 2024...


In honour of all the lost and forgotten Wednesday Plays...

Selected Tenzing Scott Brown plays, within this novel, will be made available on the Penkiln Burn website, to be read or listened, anytime between 00:01 and 23:59 (Galloverse Mean Time – GMT*) on 35 consecutive Wednesdays in 2024. After each of these plays, contained within this novel, have been ‘aired’ on those 35 consecutive Wednesdays in 2024, they might be deleted, in the hope they may join the lost and forgotten Wednesday Plays of the past.


If they have not yet become ‘lost’, they might be ‘aired’ each year on the 35 consecutive Wednesdays after the Blackthorn Blossom has burst into bloom.

*Galloverse Mean Time – GMT, is whatever time it is in Shetland, Inishmore, or Canvey Island on any Wednesday evening throughout the rest of your life.

All these plays will be spoken by two members of the Penkiln Burn Players. These two members being Angie Darcy and Tam Dean Burn.

If you want to hear or read a Tenzing Scott Brown play, click HERE on any of those 35 consecutive Wednesday (Galloverse Mean Time), after the Blackthorn Blossom has burst into bloom.

To read and inspect the table of contents, click HERE now.

Tenzing Scott Brown has been...

Edited by Helen Coyle
Directed by Tam Dean Burn
Recorded by Margarita Lioli
Consulted by Cally Callomon
Made to Work by Gavin Bush

Tenzing Scott Brown is Penkiln Burn Novel One.
Penkiln Burn Novels celebrate being wrong.


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