September 29, 2020

At times Bill Drummond is asked to pass comment.

At times Bill Drummond responds to being asked to pass comment by instigating one of his other selves to write a Forty Second Play.

One of these other selves takes the name Tenzing Scott Brown.

Four of these Forty Second Plays were written at the corner table of the New River Café, N16.

They were written over a period of four days in early September 2020.

The titles of these four plays are:

The Glorified Walking Stick

There Is An After Life

The Public Execution of Pop Stars


The Nik Kershaw Minifig


In March 2020, Bill Drummond wrote a Forty Second Play, entitled Questions, Questions, Questions.

Questions, Questions, Questions was written as the introduction for a book entitled questions.

questions was written by Andrew Shaw.

questions was published by The Silent Academy in Port Townsend, Jefferson County in the state of Washington, USA. For further information about questions or to order online click HERE.