October 8, 2020

SOFA is the name of a Forty Second Play by Tenzing Scott Brown.

SOFA was written in response to Bill Drummond being invited onto the Thursday afternoon show on  BBC 6 Music, to discuss the film BEST BEFORE DEATH.

SOFA was written while Tenzing Scott Brown sat on the sofa in The Best Gent Hair Saloon on Albion Parade, N16.

Bill Drummond performed a version of the play, but the version lasted over nine minutes, much longer than the forty seconds as proclaimed, thus way too long to be broadcast on a music radio station.

Listen to SOFA as performed by Bill Drummond:

Recorded and edited by Kenny Atkin @ VaVa Recordings

Paul Duane, the director of BEST BEFORE DEATH was interviewed by Matt Everett for the said Thursday afternoon show for BBC 6 Music.

To know more about or buy a copy of the blu-ray version of BEST BEFORE DEATH click HERE.