August 1, 2019
Queen Mary's Bridge over The Penkiln Burn – artist unknown
Queen Mary’s Bridge over The Penkiln Burn – artist unknown

The Poetry Armada is to be launched onto the waters of the Penkiln Burn. 
The Launch will be somewhere above Queen Mary’s Bridge in Minnigaff.
The Launch will take place early in the morning of Saturday the 3rd of August 2019. 
The launch of the Poetry Armada will be held in private.
The Poetry Armada is to be made up of twelve paper boats.
Each paper boat is made from a page ripped from the book After Curfew.
 After Curfew contains words written by the Twelve Poets.
The Twelve Poets are:  
Kevin Williamson
Hollie McNish
Claire Askew
Salena Godden
George Gunn
Tam Dean Burn
Kirsty Logan
William Letford
Skye McDade-Burn
Emer Martin
Victoria McNulty
Michael Pedersen
Each poet wrote their poems while doing time in the Curfew Tower during the year of 2018.
The Curfew Tower is in Cushendall, County Antrim.
The Curfew Tower is a place where, each year, people stay and do things.
The Curfew Tower was curated in 2018 by Neu! Reekie! 

Neu! Reekie! is an Edinburgh based ‘arts collective / events troupe / micro publishing house and beyond’.
Neu! Reekie! are Kevin Williamson and Michael Pedersen.

*                *                *

The Poetry Armada is a fleet culled from The Mothership. 
The Mothership is the book called After Curfew.
 After Curfew is published as a hardback in an edition of one thousand.
After Curfew is edited by Neu! Reekie!, and contains many of the short lines and even shorter lines and some lines that are not short at all, by the Twelve Poets that did time in the Curfew Tower in 2018. 
After Curfew has a preface by Bill Drummond. 
After Curfew will be for sale for ten quid, from Bill Drummond in the kitchen of The Curfew Tower at the launch of The Mothership.
The launch of The Mothership will be a public affair.
You are invited.
The launch will happen at 8pm on Wednesday the 7th of August 2019.
The launch will happen around a bonfire in the back garden of The Curfew Tower.

The launch may be attended by Kevin Williamson, Hollie McNish, Tam Dean Burn, Skye McDade-Burn, Emer Martin and Michael Pedersen.

The launch will include them reading words from After Curfew around the bonfire. 

The launch will include The Curfew Curry.

The Curfew Curry will be made by Tracey Moberly.

The Curfew Curry will be joined by a Vegetarian Dal.

The Vegetarian Dal will be made by Krishna Dutta.

Others will chop onions and pull corks from the Curfew Wine.

The Curfew Wine will be poured by Zippy.
 You will drink the wine.

*                *                *

The Poetry Armada will be left to find their own way in the world.
There are many ways in the world.
Yours is one.

After Curfew Cover


July 30, 2019
White Saviour Complex on stage
Photograph by Tracey Moberly

White Saviour Complex is still a play by Tenzing Scott Brown.
White Saviour Complex is to go on tour of one night stands across England and Ireland.
White Saviour Complex will star Tam Dean Burn and Bill Drummond, as per the short tour of Scotland held in June 2019.
White Saviour Complex is a three act play. The middle act comprises of the film BEST BEFORE DEATH. 
White Saviour Complex will take place in cinemas at each of the one night stands on this tour.
White Saviour Complex appears at the following one night stands:
Monday 23rd September 6:30pm
London – Picturehouse Central
Tuesday 24thSeptember 6:15pm
Oxford – Phoenix Picturehouse
Wednesday 25th September 6:30pm
Liverpool – Picturehouse at FACT
Thursday 26th September
Leeds – Hyde Park Picturehouse

Friday 27th September
Dublin – The Irish Film Institute

Saturday 28th September
Belfast – Queen’s Film Theatre 
Monday 30th September 6:00pm
Brighton – Duke of York’s Picturehouse
Tuesday 1st October  8:30pm
London– Hackney Picturehouse
Wednesday 2nd October 6:00pm
Cambridge – Arts Picturehouse
Thursday 3rd October 6:15pm
Norwich – Cinema City Picturehouse
Friday 4th October 6:00pm
York – City Screen Picturehouse
This is a LINK that will take you to blurb about the film and its trailer.
WHITE SAVIOUR COMPLEX is also a book about the play of the same name.
This book is hard back.
This book has been printed in an edition of one thousand.
This book will cost a tenner a go – cash.
This book will only be available directly from the hands of Bill Drummond who  will be selling this book directly after each of the performance of the play.
This book will be sold on the steps of the cinema or from a convenient bus shelter.
There will be no second edition of this book.

White Saviour Complex book on desk


July 6, 2019
Photograph taken under Spaghetti Junction in 2014 by Tracey Moberly

Bill Drummond will be working in Aulus-Les-Bains between the 10th and the 14th of July 2019.
AULUS-LES-BAINS is a village in the French Pyrenees.
The work will be with other folk.
The work will include:
making beds, 
baking cakes, 
sweeping streets, 
cleaning windows, 
writing plays, climbing trees,
building walls,
serving soup,
composing compositions, 
watching films 
predicting the past.
Who the other folk are is up to two of you.
WARNING: This is not the next leg of The 25 Paintings world tour.
WARNING: This is not the beginning of the revolution.
WARNING: This might be bourgeois activities for the bourgeois elite
You make your choices,
you throw the dice,
you pull the trigger
The Ferryman can always pull the plug out.
For further information click on CAMP
Then cry…
And of course…


July 5, 2019
Fried & Justified book cover

FRIED & JUSTIFIED is a book by Mick Houghton.
FRIED & JUSTIFIED is to be published by Faber & Faber on the 4th of July 2019.

To mark this books publication Bill Drummond will be conducting one of his Forty Minute interviews with Mick Houghton.
This Forty Minute interview will be held in public.
This Forty Minute interview will be part of the Walthamstow Rock ‘n’ Roll Book Club.
This Forty Minute interview will take place in the evening of the 25th of July, 2019.
This Forty Minute interview will take place at Bank Job.
151 -155 Hoe Street, 
E17 3AN 
For further information and tickets click here

*               *                *

For nigh on forty years…
Mick Houghton and Bill Drummond have been entangled… 
From Toxteth to Brixton and back again… 
Via Canary Warf and up the Liverpool Road…
Only three stones were left unturned.
Bill Drummond will have those three stones with him… 
On the night Bill Drummond will use them in whatever way he sees fit.
The first question that Bill Drummond will be asking Mick Houghton is:
“If you were instructed by a higher power to murder one of your former clients, which one would it be?”


June 14, 2019
One of The 25 Paintings arriving at the Bluecoat Chambers. Liverpool on the 7th of June 2019

CLICK HERE to read the full manuscript for the play GO PLACES – DO THINGS.


June 12, 2019
White Saviour Complex Photograph taken under Spaghetti Junction in May 2019
Photograph taken under Spaghetti Junction in May 2019 by Tracey Moberly

White Saviour Complex is a three-act play by Tenzing Scott Brown.
White Saviour Complex can only be performed in a room with a cinema screen and some sort of stage in front of the screen.
Act One might be set in the bar of the Filmhouse cinema in Edinburgh.
Act Two might be set in Filmhouse Screen One while the film Best Before Death is being screened. This, as stated elsewhere, is a film by Paul Duane with Bill Drummond as the protagonist. 
Tenzing Scott Brown is the sometime alter egoand arch nemesis of Bill Drummond.
Act Three is set in the same bar of the Filmhouse cinema in Edinburgh after the screening of the film screened in Act Two.
All three acts might be set in June 2019.
Act One last about 10 minutes.
Act Two last about 90 minutes.
Act Three lasts about 15 minutes.
White Saviour Complex is to be performed at and on:

The Filmhouse cinema, Edinburgh – 27th of June 2019
Mull Theatre, Tobermory, the Isle of Mull – 29th of June 2019
Stonehaven Town Hall, Stonehaven on Sunday the 30th of June 2019

White Saviour Complex will also be published as a hardback book in an edition of 1,000 copies. These books will only be on sale at performances of the play of the same name. Once the 1,000 copies have been sold there will be no second edition.
White Saviour Complex features the actor Tam Dean Burn as Bill Drummond and Bill Drummond as other characters. Tam Dean Burn is an actor of many parts most recently seen in Fortitude.

White Saviour Complex is directed by Tracey Moberly and Tam Dean Burn.
Post Script: Further to the previous Penkiln Burn Newsletter, there will be a second screening of Best Before Death at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh on the 28th of June. This screening will not feature a performance of White Saviour Complex, but will feature a post screening Q&A with Paul Duane (director) and Robbie Ryan (cinematographer).


June 11, 2019

Best Before Death is a film by the Irish film maker Paul Duane.
Best Before Death is a feature length documentary film.
Best Before Death is a film about the Scottish artist Bill Drummond.
Best Before Death was shot in Kolkata, India and Lexington, North Carolina.
Best Before Death was shot by the Oscar nominated cinematographer Robbie Ryan.
Bill Drummond is on a twelve-year world tour. 
On this tour he works in a different city, in a different country, in each of those years. 
The tour began under Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham, England in 2014. 
The tour ends in at the Eastern Gate of Damascus, Syria in 2026.
In 2016 the tour reached the Temple of Kali in Kolkata, India.
In 2018 the tour reached the steps of the courthouse in Lexington, North Carolina.
Best Before Death is to have its world premier at the Filmhouse cinema as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Thursday the 27th of June 2019.
It is then to be screened at: 
Mull Theatre, Tobermory, the Isle of Mull on Saturday the 29th of June.
Stonehaven Town Hall, Stonehaven on Sunday the 30th of June.
Tickets are available for the above three screenings by clicking on the links.
Best Before Death goes on general release in the Autumn of 2019.
Details regarding the general release will be made known via a future Penkiln Burn Newsletter.
Post Script:
This is the blurb that the Edinburgh International Film Festival are using to promote the film:
This impressive documentary follows the always-intriguing artist Bill Drummond over a two-year period during his ambitious 12-year world tour. He works in Lexington, North Carolina, and in Kolkata, India, engaging with local communities through his art/work project. He builds beds, bakes cakes, makes soup and shines shoes. Drummond’s clear-sighted vision of what he’s doing is inspirational, practical and from the heart, and, though he receives a variety of reactions from amused to perplexed, he interacts with observers with charm and easy grace. [12A]

Best Before Death under Spaghetti Junction in December 2016
Photograph taken under Spaghetti Junction in December 2016 by Tracey Moberly


June 7, 2019
GO PLACES - DO THINGS painting waiting at Albion Parade bus stop to get a bus to Liverpool
One of The 25 Paintings waiting at the Albion Parade bus shelter to catch a bus to Liverpool

GO PLACES – DO THINGS is a one act play by Tenzing Scott Brown.
GO PLACES – DO THINGS is to be performed at the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool at 7pm on Friday the 7th of June 2019.
Tam Dean Burn
Karen Young
The “real” Bill Drummond.
GO PLACES – DO THINGS contains the words:

On Merseyside anything of any lasting importance…
Or even fleeting importance… 
And at times fleeting importance is more important than lasting importance, has come from the minds and bodies of those under the age of 23.

Billy Fury wrote much of and recorded The Sound of Fury at the age of 19. This album is the greatest British rock’n’roll album of all time. 

Even Ringo Starr, the old man of The Beatles, was still only 22 when they had their first hit record. 

And George was still a teenager.

Ian McCulloch just 18 when he wrote the words about the pictures on his wall that were about to swing and fall.

This is a one off performance.
Tickets are unavailable. 

A full transcript of GO PLACES – DO THINGS will be made available on the Penkiln Burn website by the 14th of June 2019.

The Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool
The Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool


May 14, 2019

In June 2014 The Guardian published Bill Drummond’s Ten Commandments of Art.
 Since 2014 those Ten Commandments have evolved into The Twelve Steps.
In each year of The 25 Paintings world tour (2014 – 2026), Drummond returns to Spaghetti Junction to vandalise his chosen wall with the title of that year’s Step.
This year’s step has recently been completed.
Thus these are the ones that have been done to date:


(Early Sabbatical 2017) 


All photographs taken by Tracey Moberly

*                *                *

N.B. Further to information given in previous newsletter Bill Drummond will only be in Albion Frames up until 10:30am on Thursday the 16th of May.


May 9, 2019
Welcome To Albion Parade Bus Shelter London

Due to circumstances that should have been foreseen, the 2019 leg of The 25 Paintings world tour has been postponed until September 2019. It will still be centered on the town of Ribadavia in Galicia.
The repainting of The 25 Paintings at Albion Frames is well underway but…
Drummond will not be on site on Friday morning (10th of May).
Or until after 11:30am on Saturday 11th of May. 
Or after 3pm on Wednesday 15th of May.
Or after 10.30am on Thursday 16th of May.
Or after 12pm on Saturday 18th of May.
Could all those that have taken part in the repainting email their names into so they can be justly credited.

*                *                *

As for the Atlantic Archipelago Song Contest – read about it at Caught By The River

Bobby’s Bus Shelter, Unst, Shetland