The Life Model painting under Spahetti Junction;
Photograph taken by Tracey Moberly



The Life Model is a spoken novel by William E. Drummond.
The Life Model is the eponymous protagonist in this novel.
The Life Model is a character in The Penkiln Burn Universe.
The Penkiln Burn Universe exists inside Bill Drummond’s head.
The Life Model considers himself to be an artist...
The Life Model considers his work as an artist to only exist in the thoughts and deeds of others:
However fleeting or detailed...
However positive or negative...

The Life Model, purports to be a memoir by Bill Drummond at 70, imagined through the minds of 168 separate individuals. Each of these 168 separate individuals have volunteered to be randomly allotted an aspect in a year of The Life Model’s life and limited to a word count of no more than 1,000 each.

The Life Model novel contains the following words by Astrid Bin for Bill Drummond at the age of one.

The light came in from a partially open window, a sweet summer breeze making the curtains gently inhale and exhale, and there was the sound of the fabric billowing, then gently coming to rest against the wallpaper. I breathed along with it... Each time the curtains took a deep breath I could hear the sound of the leaves of the tree outside gently shivering...

And the following words by Saul Taylor for Bill Drummond at the age of 69

And the people that came before me are slowly disappearing and the people behind me are increasing in number. I do not know these people, but I must go on. I cannot stop.

And the circling rhythm that yawns and fades and returns in a great arc surrounds me so that I am protected from the rain and thoughts and the knowledge of the list.

And the rain and rhythm and the bags and the queue are there with me and I must take my place and I must play my part. And I do. And the people before me have long gone and the people behind me will one day be gone too.

And I am gone. I am afraid. I am cold and alone, and I am left with the unanswered questions and the unpaid debts.

WARNING: The Life Model cannot be binged.

The Life Model can only be consumed one year per day.
The Life Model is on a continuous 71-day cycle.
To consume today’s year, click HERE.
The Life Model also has a Foreword and a Backword.
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The Life Model has been...

Edited by Scissorman
Proofread & Photographed Tracey Moberly
Spoken by Bill Drummond, Tam Dean Burn & Angie Darcy
Recorded by Kenny Atkin & Margarita Lioli
Consultation by Cally Callomon
Made to Work by Gavin Bush

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The Life Model is Penkiln Burn Novel Three
Penkiln Burn Novels embrace transience.


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