January 24, 2019
When I Was Sixty Three still

On the 27th of January 2019 the 60th and final Sixty Second talk by Bill Drummond will go live on the site 60 Sixty Seconds

This final talk has the title When I Was 63

The first of these Sixty Seconds talks was made in December 2012 and had the title The Birth of Punk. Although the first to be conceived and written was Stockhausen & Little Richard.

And this is the Penkiln Burn Poster that marked the beginning of these talks:

Penkiln Burn Poster 438
When I Was Sixty Three Still
Filmed and directed by Tracey Moberly


January 11, 2019

The Curfew Tower – 2019

The Curfew Tower

For the year of 2019 the artist’s residency in The Curfew Tower is being curated by the North American artists Elizabeth Withstandley and Westen Charles. They are based in Miami, Florida and are the co-founders of Locust Projects.

The title they have given for their year as curators of The Curfew Tower is SEARCHING FOR THE MIRACULOUS.

The Curfew Tower has acted as an artist’s residency since 2003.Since 2009 each year has been curated by a different set up.

These include:

2009: Void in Derry
2010: Catalyst Arts in Belfast
2011: Eastside Projects in Birmingham
2012: Static in Liverpool
2013: Spike Island in Bristol
2014: The Seamus Heaney Centre in Belfast
2015 / 2016: Nothing but Longing in Jerusalem
2017: Penthouse in Manchester
2018: Neu! Reekie! in Edinburgh

Below this is the Penkiln Burn Poster that proclaimed back in 2003 that The Curfew Tower was now to be set to work as an artist’s residency. Since then some things have evolved and changed, but there are still no curtains and no grants to be applied for but… the email address that you should contact if you need to know more is now admin@penkilnburn.com

Penkiln Buen Poster 55
 The Curfew Tower by bonfire light