Photograph taken by Tracey Moberly

Or... is the first triptych of spoken novels by William E. Drummond

These novels will be published over time.

Or... includes...

The Life Model – first published when the Snowdrops broke through in January 2024.

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The Elderly Gentleman – First published when the Rooks rebuilt their nest in February 2024.

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Tenzing Scott Brown – First published when the Blackthorn blossomed in March 2024.

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On The Shore
On The Shore

The HEAR HARD tour of The Atlantic Archipelago begins on Friday the 14th of June 2024.

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The Tied Hands
The Tied Hands

EMOTIONS by The Tied Hands, have begun their forty-step tour of the World Wide Web.

Each step will last no more than forty days.

The first step has been from The Penkiln Burn website to the Caught By The River website.

If you or yours want to host a step of EMOTIONS by The Tied Hands on their forty-step tour of the World Wide Web please contact


The Author Photo by A. D. Drummond
The Author Photo by A. D. Drummond

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The Creeping Ivy
The Creeping Ivy

The Garden Shed is somewhere in Suburban North London.

Most mornings King Boy D locks himself in The Garden Shed so he can converse with The Spiders.

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Daisy Turpentine & Her Friends
Daisy Turpentine & Her Friends

Sunday the 12th of May 2024

Like The Moody Blues...

Well actually, I have never particularly liked The Moody Blues but anyway...

Like The Moody Blues I have written many letters that I never meant to send. There seems to have been more of them of late.

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